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Erasable Markers

Dry erase markers enable you to write in bold colorful ink that is easily erased from a non-porous erasable surface, like a whiteboard or glass. Outfit your office space or classroom with a whiteboard and dry erase markers (also called erasable markers) to have a fresh writing space that you can wipe clean with a whiteboard eraser or wet paper towel to start over with ease.  


What is a dry erase marker? Dry erase markers are markers used to write on whiteboards and glass surfaces. They are easily erasable from non-porous surfaces without the need for water or cleaning products. The ink in these erasable markers is thermo-sensitive, so rubbing it with slight friction will erase it.     


Dry erase markers and permanent markers are both made in a way that the ink will soak into porous surfaces. The difference between them is that they use different polymers in their formulas; more specifically, the difference is between using acrylic versus oily silicone polymer. The oily polymer in dry erase marker ink makes the ink slippery so that what you write can be wiped off more easily.


How do erasable markers work? Erasable markers require a special surface that is coated to ensure the ink in the marker can be wiped away without cleaners or scrubbing. These markers are also specially crafted to be erased with ease. It is important to make sure your surface is made for use with erasable markers before writing on it.


Whether you are looking to create notes for your class to follow along, leave memos in the office breakroom or even just coloring, grab an erasable marker and get to work. When used with an appropriate dry erase surface, these markers allow you to simply wipe away with a dry cloth or eraser to remove mistakes or start fresh.