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Fine Art Books & Pads

Supply yourself with all of the acid-free fine art paper you need to create! The paper you create on makes a huge impact on the life of your work. Arteza’s acid-free fine art paper preserves the vibrancy of your work for years to come since it deters fading, hue deterioration, and yellowing from occurring over time. Regardless of if you typically work with watercolors, gouaches, charcoals, gel pens, or alcohol-based markers, we’ve got the perfect paper and books for you. 


What are DIY Foldable Canvas Frames? DIY Foldable Canvas Frames invite artists to frame their finished piece in just moments. To fold your painting or drawing into a framed work of art ready to be displayed simply follow the included instructions on the packaging of your do-it-yourself foldable frame pad. Create artwork that can be proudly showcased in just moments with our DIY Foldable Black Mixed Media Canvas Frame Sheets


What are the different kinds of paper and books Arteza carries? 


Mixed Media Sketch Pads are ideal for creating with both wet and dry media, making it the most versatile style of paper. We offer both black and white toned mixed media paper to invite even more range into your paper collection. Mixed media paper doesn’t require artists to stick to one medium, inviting limitless creative combinations! Artists love creating mixed media masterpieces on our DIY Foldable Mixed Media Canvas Frame Sheets, DIY Foldable Black Mixed Media Frame Sheets, and Mixed Media Pads


Sketchbooks are useful for creating with dry media any and everywhere. Create drawings with colored pencils, gel pens, Inkonic Fineliner Pens, drawing pencils, charcoals, and crayons. Stock up with our Sketch Spiral-Bound Gray Hardcover Sketchbook Pack of 3, Mini Sketchbook Pack of 2, Gray Toned Sketchbook Pack of 2, Hardbound Sketchbook Pack of 2, or any of the other well-crafted sets of paper pads featured in our books and paper series. 


Acrylic Pads are an excellent alternative to painting on traditional canvases. In addition to white acrylic pads, we offer black acrylic pads, which creates extra dimension and depth to your work. Our acrylic pads are also suitable for artists who work with oil paints.


For wet media we recommend watercolor paper, Acrylic Pads, Disposable Palette Pads, and mixed media pads. Artists who work with gouaches, Real Brush Pens, Watercolor Pencils, and watercolor paints should welcome our Expert Watercolor Pad, Round Watercolor Paper Pad, and our DIY Foldable Watercolor Canvas Frame Sheets into their collection. 


Stock up on all the professional-grade, acid-free, certified non-toxic paper you need to create exceptional works of art.