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Glass Markers

Give your art a boost with a set of quality Glass Markers. Glass markers are a great tool for creating an aesthetically pleasing work of art for any occasion.  Starting a project using a glass marker requires some basic supplies and a few simple steps.


What is a glass marker? A glass marker is a type of paint marker made for writing or drawing on glass. Washable markers are not made for writing on glass, which is why it is important to choose glass markers. First, determine what type of glass you'll be painting. This could be anything from wine glasses for a wedding to decorating windows in your home for the holidays.


Next, decide what kind of glass markers to write on glass are best. Finding the right markers to write on glass may seem overwhelming, but in reality it is very simple if you know what to look for. Wine glass markers are not only perfect for personalizing wine glasses, but for personalizing any glass cup that will be used at an event. After the event is over, you can easily wipe off the marker with warm water. If you'll be decorating any other kind of glass, glass paint markers are the perfect choice, whether you are a beginning or advanced artist. Be sure to get a variety of different color markers to write on glass. The color variety will make your art stand out.


Can you write on glass with washable markers?...The two different types of marker for making glass art are water-based and alcohol-based. Washable markers are composed with a water-based color solution. While water-based markers will write well on glass, they are far from permanent and smudge, whereas alcohol-based markers will dry faster, which decreases the chance of smudging.


Finally, you'll need to prepare the glass. Wipe or wash glass cups in warm soapy water followed by plain warm water. If preparing glass that will not be used for eating or drinking, then a glass cleaner like Windex can be substituted for soapy water. Then wipe all the types of glass down with a damp cloth containing rubbing alcohol or white vinegar to finish it off. Now you are ready to use the markers!