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Art sets and art supplies for kids provided by Arteza are a great way for kids to express themselves and be creative. Plus you can keep those little minds busy on the days they need to stay inside. Give them everything they need to start with kids art supplies! Since arts and crafts can be both engaging and a bit messy, the potential for fun is endless. You want your kids to be imaginative and allow them to explore a completely different side of themselves, so we’ve created the best sets and bundles of supplies for them. A few key things to remember when choosing the best paint sets for kids are safety, ease of use, and clean up.


What's the best paint for kids? The best paints for kids are water-based and non-toxic. Since there is a high chance that the paint will be getting onto little fingers, it is best to choose paints that you know are free from harmful chemicals. We strongly suggest our tempera paints, finger paints, and watercolor pans for your little ones because these paints are safe and also very easy to clean up.


How long does it take kids paint to dry? Each type of paint has a different drying time. It also depends on the amount of paint on the project. For example, if your toddler has just finished a multi-layer finger painting with lots of thick areas, it could take longer to dry than a single layer painting. Most paint created for children is quick-drying though, so you shouldn’t have to wait long for the projects to be completely dry and ready to hang on the fridge.


Is acrylic paint child friendly? Most acrylic paints are considered non-toxic, but since acrylic is polymer-based, there are still chemicals in there that are not great for children. If you have very young children who may accidentally get paint into their mouths, then you should avoid acrylic. If your children are old enough that that is not a concern, then acrylic can be a good choice since it offers great opacity and lasts longer than the other paints we have mentioned.


Painting with your kids can be a wonderful experience, both for them and for you. Take all the worry out of your kids' paint projects by choosing painting kits and bundles for kids that are non-toxic and water-based. Plus, you won’t need to think about all the supplies you’ll need, our bundles have got you covered. These paints will be safe for them and easy for you to clean up when the fun is done.


While paints are always an option, perhaps your child would feel more confident working with our chalks, crayons, or string sets. Chalks and crayons offer more stability for young artists. String art is ideal for creating while traveling or commuting, and leaves practically no mess to clean up. Explore all the fun options for arts and crafts in this category made just for kids.