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Kids Back to School

Set your children up for success this Back to School season with premium supplies that will engage your children's minds and allow them to express their creativity! Choose from sets of premium brightly colored paints, pencils, crayons, and so much more. Let them expand their fine motor skills as they doodle and draw on activity books. Explore the alphabet and numbers through hands-on dough kits. All of Arteza's kid's supplies are non-toxic, ensuring safety for the whole family. Your little one will love the freedom of being able to create, and you'll be surprised how much you can teach with a little bit of fun involved. 

What is the best and safest paint?

Children (ages 5 and up) are encouraged to dabble in wet media using our colorful (and washable!) tempera paints. Additionally, watercolors are another great option with several options; traditional watercolor in a pan and watercolor pencils. Watercolor pencils work just like colored pencils and can be activated with water for fun effects. Both tempera and watercolor are incredibly beginner-friendly and will truly inspire your children's imagination. For more painting fun, try Arteza's Kids Painting Sets. Your children can paint dinosaurs, animals, ocean scenes, and more! Each set includes two designs and everything young painters need to create including canvases, acrylic paints, paint brushes, reference sheets, a paint palette, and mini wood easels.

What other mediums can my child use?

Children (ages 5 and up) have many options of Colored Pencils to explore! The Kids Erasable Colored Pencils allow your children to draw and color hassle-free. The Kids Scented Colored Pencils are perfect for creating with a scents of wonder. The Kids Colored Pencils triangular design ensures that your child's pencils won't roll off the counter, table, or desk as they work. The Kids Colored Pencils, Double Sided, provide twice the amount of color for endless fun. Arteza's Kids Twistable Gel Crayons are watercolor crayons that can be used with or without water for unique effects and are washable to make cleanup a breeze. Arteza carries traditional wax crayons that feature fun colors like glitter, neon, and metallic.

Which activity book is best for my child? 

Children (ages 6 and up) are invited to learn the creative way with our Kids Activity Books. Each activity book helps children learn key skills! The I Spy Kids Activity Book is entertaining and provides children with a game they can play alone or with friends. The Tracing Kids Activity Book teaches children how to draw over 100 different variations of shapes; this is perfect for young artists! The Connect the Dots variation teaches children how to draw even more advanced subjects, making it ideal for more experienced young artists. Each activity book includes 15 double-sided colored pencils providing children with 30 colors to use! Each set includes a black marker for outlines, a pencil sharpener, and an eraser. This set is contained in a heavy-duty, cardboard folder to keep everything organized.

How about the younger children in my household? 

Young artists (ages 3 and up) who enjoy a bit more of an interactive activity can enjoy a wide range of dough. The Kids Dough Kit comes with a durable carrying case and six 1 oz. containers of dough. You'll be able to choose from the Alphabet or Numeric option. The unique Kids Dough Learn Kits provide dough pieces and learning cards for your children to shape and fill with dough. This set also has a Numeric option (comes with 10 number cards) and an Alphabet option (comes with 26 alphabet cards.) If you already have plenty of fun molds and just need to stock up on dough, the Kids Dough, Classic & Pastel - Set of 12 Tubs is perfect for you.


What about teachers? Spend some time teaching your students valuable skills and creative expression! Any of these items are the perfect activity for your classroom, daycare, or homeschool. If you are a middle school or high school teacher, we carry a full range of other supplies that are perfect for your needs, such as pens, pencils, highlighters, and more! 


Carry our art supplies back to school with you for an academic year full of creative fun and learning. Whether you're a parent, daycare provider, or teacher, Arteza has everything you need for your back to school needs!