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Back to School

Get creative this school year with Arteza’s back to school art supplies. Find the best selection of pencils, pens, markers, paints, brushes, canvases and more. Let our back to school art supplies inspire you to reach your academic best. Fill your backpack with all the art supplies that will bring artistic flair to your academic year.


How do I prepare for back to school? Get prepared by looking back on all the supplies you’ve used in the past and maybe taking an inventory of what you need to replace. If you know you’ll be taking any special classes (possibly art classes) start looking for the special supplies you’ll need for them. Then you can shop around all the different categories to search for all the supplies you’ll need for a successful fresh start of the year!


What should I put in my high school backpack? We suggest starting off with a good notebook and agenda since you’ll be busy and you don’t want to forget your homework. Then grabbing some pens, sticky notes, and highlighters would be a good next step. When you get to school, your teachers will let you know if you need anything specific for their class.


Carry our art supplies back to school with you for an academic year full of creative fun and ingenuity. You won't go wrong with our wide selection of markers, pens, pencils, papers, paints, canvases and more. Fill your back to school list with art supplies that’ll inspire you to be your creative best all year long.