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Pack of 4 (more colors available)


Pack of 4 (more colors available)


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Markers & Pens

Find the best pens and markers for your next project, right here at Arteza. You’ll find several types of pens, including gel pens, fineliners, and brush pens for all your artistic endeavors. We also carry markers for everything from highlighting to hand-lettering. If you’re looking for a cool way to decorate your wardrobe, grab yourself a set of fabric markers and see what you’ll create. Buy yourself some high quality pens and markers and see what a huge difference they can make in your penmanship and creations.


What are the best pens for scrapbooking? Gel pens are an excellent choice for scrapbooking, because they write smoothly and come in a wide range of vibrant colors. You can also consider Fineliners or Twimarkers if you’re looking to add some fun colors and details. Acrylic markers are also a good choice if you’re looking for more coverage.  


What are artist markers? Artist markers are typically markers that contain ink that is specialized to help you create art. They’ll feature unique nibs and ink that is filled with more pigment than the average marker. One of the most common markers used for art are alcohol-based markers like our Everblend markers. We also have a special line of pens called Real Brush Pens that can create dazzling watercolor pieces with just a little bit of water.


How long do pens last? How long a pen lasts depends on how it’s used and cared for. If stored properly, a pen should last until the ink runs out or the components of the pen break down. However, a pen with water-based ink will dry out if left uncapped for a period of time. Also, refillable pens will last as long as there is ink available to refill them or until the pen body wears out.


Create brilliant illustrations, realistic portraits, and fun doodles with our huge collection of pens and markers. Whatever your craft or design that you’re working on, you’ll likely find exactly what you need in this collection. If coloring, sketching, and designing are your favorite things to do, then this category is the perfect section for you. Enjoy exploring through our wide variety of premium supplies, you’ll find everything you need and maybe a bit more.