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Metallic Acrylic Paint Open Stock

Let your artwork glisten like liquid metal with metallic acrylic paint. These shimmering paints are a great way to add highlights or emphasize specific portions of the painting you want to draw the viewer’s attention to. Once you start using metallic acrylic paint you’ll find yourself wanting to add it to all your projects. If you want more of a specific color or need to restock, you can grab individual acrylic paint pouches to complete your collection. This way you’ll always have stock of the colors you need most. This is perfect if you enjoy acrylic pouring and need larger quantities of paint, or you just paint frequently and are always finding yourself reaching for the same colors. Grab your favorite colors today and keep the creativity going!  


How do you use metallic acrylic paint? There’s really no wrong way to do it! You can add it as a little highlight in specific spots or create an entire piece using metallic acrylics. Many pouring artists enjoy metallics because they’ll add a shimmering streak of color through their piece that can be really eye-catching. You can even imitate Gustav Klimt and paint an entire metallic background then paint your subjects using regular colors. It’s really up to your artistry to create something beautiful. 


Can I mix metallic paint with regular paint? You absolutely can. You’ll likely get a new tone with a slightly metallic sheen to it. However, it’s important to note that if you mix a metallic color with a regular color, it may not shine as bright as when the metallic color is used on its own. If you want something that has that bright shine, you may want to try adding some mix-ins made for acrylics, such as mica powder or pearl pigment powders. 


Can you use acrylic paint on metal? Yes, acrylic paint is extremely versatile and will stay nicely on metal. You can add an extra protective layer if you want your painting to have longevity on the metal surface. But if you’re simply painting on metal and won’t be subjecting it to stress like extensive use, then the paint should remain bright on your surface for a very long time. 


You’ll be making stunning masterpieces with just a couple of brushstrokes using nontoxic metallic acrylic paint. These paints are packed to the brim with shining pigments that tend to stand out brightly from any piece of artwork they’re incorporated in. They’re great to use as DIY paint for a shimmering project or as a tool to add that extra touch of luxury to a fine art piece. You’ll find that you’ll go through so much metallic paint that you won’t have enough! But we’ve got you covered, grab yourself an extra pouch from our open stock and keep your collection stocked with all your favorite metallic shades. You won’t need to treat your metallic paints as if they had precious metals in them and use them sparingly, you’ll know you can get more as soon as you need. Keep your collection stocked today with open stock metallic acrylics.