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Metallic Markers & Pens

Metallic markers are a great way to add impact and a touch of sparkle to your artwork. Write your favorite messages or draw shimmering characters that have a bold touch of metallic shine. You can find markers with chisel tips or bullet tips that allow you to create on either smooth or slightly textured surfaces. These eye-catching markers are a great addition to your marker collection since they can work on a variety of surfaces.


What are they? Metallic markers are markers that are filled with an ink that has pigments in it that create a metallized look as you write. You’ll be able to write in gold, silver, bronze, and more to add a bright shine to your artwork. They also typically show up brightly on black paper as well.


How are they used? Basically you’ll write or draw like you normally do, but your pen will produce shimmery lines instead of classic colors. Many people like them for hand-lettering, scrapbooking, or simply adding flair to whatever they’re working on. The bright metallic sheen typically grabs attention more than the typical ink colors.  


Add that extra touch of something special to your scrapbooks, message boards, and wine glasses with these unique markers. Whether you’re using these to label cups during a party or creating that bright highlight in your composition, you’ll appreciate how these shimmering colors stay bright and bold.


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