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Mini Easels

Mini easels are useful artist tools that are often overlooked. They can be used for working on small scale projects or as a display stand for small art pieces. Mini easels often come in a multi-pack so you can work on and display multiple projects at once. Typically, small display easels are less than 12" tall so they're great for artists working with limited space or bulk mini canvases. Mini easels are useful tools to affordably display pieces and are essential supplies for any artist. They’re also a great choice if you’re looking for an art project for a class or party. Grab a set today and create something small but mighty! 


What are mini easels used for? Mini easels can be used for a couple of different purposes. These can often be referred to as a small art display easel as displaying small art pieces is the most common purpose of these mini easels. However, some artists actually use these to work on when creating small projects on tile or canvas as well.


How much do mini easels cost? The price of mini easels varies depending on the size of the easel itself and the number of them that come in the pack. You’ll be able to find the pricing on the category page and if you click the pack you’re looking for, you’ll also be able to see the price. 


What size picture fits on a mini easel? A good rule of thumb to follow is that an easel will typically hold anything that is its own size or smaller. For example, the 8" mini easels can fit any medium that is 8" or smaller and the 5" mini easels will fit anything that 5" or smaller.


A mini easel stand is a great tool for displaying small pieces of art or for working on them. They're ideal to have on hand for small spaces or places where you may not be allowed to make a hole in the wall. A mini wooden easel gives a very gallery-esque feel to the displaying of the art pieces that you create. Some artists give these away for free when they're commissioned to make small art pieces and it's a great selling tool that makes them come across as professional since they have the proper tools to display the piece. Mini easels are essential tools for any artist who enjoys working on small art pieces. Get yourself a bulk pack today and create a mini masterpiece!


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