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No. 2 Pencils

#2 HB pencils are one of the most common types of pencils that are used in writing, art, design, drawing and painting. Pencils come in a variety of colors, but did you know that the hardness or softness of a pencil will give different results? Depending on the hardness of the pencil, it’ll produce darker or lighter lines and #2 HB pencils produce the perfect medium tone. Buy #2 HB pencils in bulk to keep your classroom, office, or home stocked so you’ll save time and money.


What is a #2 HB pencil? A #2 pencil is considered an HB pencil which is the middle of the scale of pencil hardness. These pencils produce a dark line that is still easily erasable which is why they are commonly used.


Which pencil is lighter, H or #2 HB? An H pencil is considered much lighter than a standard #2 pencil due to the harder graphite. The larger the number in front of H, the harder the graphite will be causing you to produce lighter more precise lines. As you start using B pencils, the larger the number in front of B, the softer the graphite will be causing you to get darker lines with much more graphite deposited on the paper.


What is the use of #2 HB pencil? These pencils can be used for everything from drawing to test-taking. These can be easily erased so they’re perfect for children as they’re learning in school. Artists also commonly use this weight of pencil to start off their artwork to create a crisp clear line before applying another medium.


Good quality pencils are important since you don't want smudging or for your pencil point to constantly become dull when you’re working. Make sure you always have plenty of the basic art and school supplies with these bulk packs of pencils with just the amount you need. Each pencil comes pre-sharpened with a soft eraser so that you can start working as soon as the pencils are out of the box. Grab a box today and start drafting, drawing, and studying!


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