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Oil Painting Supplies

Create artwork traditionally using oil painting supplies. Oil paintings have been created for centuries by some of the most famous painters. Since then, art supplies have changed so much but oil painting is still a medium that many artists enjoy using to create. This paint has a unique texture and is known for its flexibility and rich colors. Oil paints also have a much longer drying time than other paints allowing you to blend and layer colors together for as long as you need. These paints are also famous for creating unique textures within your artwork which is why they are some artists’ favorite medium to use. Get yourself a set today and explore all the different techniques you can use to create your next masterpiece. 


How do you start an oil painting? Much like any other painting, you’ll want to start with a sketch and the supplies you need like a good oil paint set, paintbrushes, a palette and a surface to paint on. You can start your oil painting on canvas or you can use a sheet of mixed media paper if you prefer. 


What is the best medium to use with oil paints? There are a variety of mediums you can use but one of the most popular is linseed oil. Depending on how much you use, you can change the consistency and drying time of your paint. You can also mix this with turpentine to make a medium that works best for your style of painting. 


Can you mix oil paint and acrylic? It’s not the best idea to mix these paints together due to the fact that their compositions are so different. Acrylic is a water-based paint whereas oil paints are oil-based. This means they’ll have different drying times and won’t be able to mix together properly. You’ll also want to be careful if you decide not to mix them but use them together in the same piece. Painting acrylics first then applying oils over it will ensure that your paint won’t crack as it dries. 


Making traditional artwork is still many artists’ favorite ways to express their creativity. Experiment with this unique medium and see what you will create. You’ll be able to find everything from canvases to oil paint sets here at Arteza. When you’re ready to start your project, grab the sets you need and start painting. You’ll find yourself feeling like a renaissance painter or you can adapt this medium to create textured contemporary art. Grab the supplies you need today and start making something amazing!