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Outdoor Paint

Adding fresh outdoor paint to your exterior is a wonderful way to revive a patio, barn, or more. But what are the best options for outdoor plastic and outdoor wood paint? A set of wood adirondack chairs can be painted to portray a favorite sports team. A deck can be painted black to pop against a beautiful green lawn. Or paint a mural on the outdoor coffee table as a statement piece. The hardest decision you will have to make is what to paint first.


What kind of paint is best for outdoors? The best outdoor paint is acrylic paint. Outdoor acrylic paint is a wonderful option to update deck chairs with new cushions or let the kids go wild painting a swing set. Because acrylic paint is water-based it is non-flammable and makes for a great option around a firepit or grill. It is resistant to chipping or cracking and makes for a long-lasting option. While oil paint may not be flame resistant, it is the best outdoor paint for wood. It also provides vibrant options that are slow-drying for intricate projects. They are also more dirt-resistant than many other paint options. Another option for outdoor paint is water-based latex, also.


What is the difference between outdoor paint and interior paint? The main difference between outdoor paint and indoor paint is the resins and additives in each type of paint. Indoor paints are rigid. This is okay for walls and furniture that avoids the elements but is prone to cracking or chipping when put under pressure. Outdoor paints are made up to be more flexible and resilient to the weather, temperature, and sunlight. The best option is to make certain that your paint clearly states that it is outdoor paint.


Can you use normal paint outdoors? Often outdoor paints have a different makeup than indoor paints to compensate for the elements. While normal paint can be used outside, it would be best to avoid using it for outdoor projects. Yes, normal paint can technically be used outdoors, but it will fade and chip much faster than acrylic or latex paint. For the best outdoor paint, these two options are tried and true.