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Paint Brushes

Paint brushes are one of the most important tools in an artist’s tool kit. A good brush can make a huge difference and they’re typically available in a huge variety of sizes, shapes, and bristle types. We carry a good selection of brushes so that you’ll be able to have what you need to create the best art possible. Whether you prefer painting with heavy bodied paints like acrylic and oils or softer paints like watercolors and gouache, you’ll be able to find the perfect brush.


What kind of brush is best for acrylic painting? Synthetic brushes are generally recommended for many types of paint due to their durability. You can use soft natural hair brushes with acrylics however since acrylic paint is typically a heavier bodied paint, you won’t be able to move the paint on your surface as quickly as if with a synthetic brush. Synthetic bristles are usually made from polyester or nylon and are typically white in color.


What do the numbers on paint brushes mean? The numbers on a paint brush reference its bristles, either by length, width, or thickness. Much like clothing sizes, there is little to no standardization for these numbering systems, which tends to cause a lot of confusion because they differ from one brand or manufacturer to another. But, as a general rule of thumb, the smaller the number, the thinner and finer the bristles.


How do I choose a watercolor brush? You’ll want to look for a natural hair brush, but the shape of the brush will depend on what techniques you like to use. Sable hair makes an excellent, although costly, choice for a round brush to use with watercolors. Other common shapes you’ll find are filbert, fan, flat, and round. You can use synthetic brushes, but typically they won’t hold as much water as a natural bristle brush, so you’ll need to dip into water more frequently to keep your watercolors flowing. Refillable paint brush pens are also perfect choices to use with watercolors.


It’s always best to try out a wide variety of brushes so that you can see which brushes best suit your painting style. In general, there are brushes that are meant for specific things but depending on the ways you like to hold a brush or apply paint you may find a whole new use for the brush! You’ll be able to find brushes that create the finest details and giant brushes that can cover large areas. Take a peek at what we have on the page and find the best brush for your artwork.


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