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Painting Tools & Accessories

Understanding that each artist has their own style, Arteza works to produce the high-quality painting tools and accessories that artists rely on. Painting is a creative outlet that demands unique painting tools and accessories. Arteza relies upon our customers and research department to identify the best materials and designs to produce high-quality products for artists to employ.  


What are the tools used by a painter? Painting knives apply layers of paint, especially acrylic paint, to the canvas or other surface.  Painting knives are similar to palette knives but serve a slightly different purpose. Palette knives parse paint on a palette to create the artist’s intended color for a particular project by ensuring an even blend of color. 


Naturally, paintbrushes are used to apply paint and are available in various materials, shapes, and sizes to suit every need. Specialty brushes are another option, such as water brush pens, which have brush tips but are hollow to be filled with water, watercolor paint, or ink as desired. Sponges are another choice for paint application that leaves a mottled footprint.


What do artists put their paint on? Artists typically do not paint directly from the tube or container onto their canvas, but rather use an intermediate surface, called a palette to mix the paints on. Palettes are handheld wood, plastic or cardboard surfaces that artists use to provide a place to blend various colors to personalize paints for particular projects. Often made from cardboard, disposable palettes allow for less time spent cleaning and more time for creating art! After creating the perfect color, the paint can be applied to a surface.


A base, be it canvas or other surfaces, needs to be stable during the painting process. An easel is perfect for this, as it holds the canvas at the perfect height and angle that the painter requires in order to apply paint conveniently.


The choice of what surface to paint upon impacts an artwork’s final look. Canvas lends a slightly textured look, while an artboard creates a smooth, sleek appearance. Paper is a portable, intermediate choice that comes in different textures and sizes. Other options include wood and chalkboard for different texture varieties. A painter should not be without an easel and a variety of palette and painting knives, paints, brushes, sponges, and various canvases, boards, and papers in order to create unique projects.