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Quilting Kits

Start your quilting journey with a quality quilting kit. Get all the tools you need for success and all you need to add is your imagination. Quilting can require lots of precision and cutting and we have the best sets to get you started. If you’re just starting and don’t know what you need, just grab a quilting kit and explore the new tools that’ll help you turn your fabric into a stunning quilt. Each set includes things like rulers, rotary cutters, and cutting mats so you won’t need to go hunting for all the supplies separately. Focus on creating a stunning quilt and let us supply you with the tool you need. Grab a kit today and fulfill your quilting destiny!


\nHow do I start quilting? Your first quilt will be a terrific learning experience. You might want to start small. Consider making a lap quilt or baby quilt for your first project. This way you can get a feel for the way you need to sew with your machine or by hand. You can also look for simple patterns that you can replicate with step-by-step instructions until you’re comfortable with the process.


\nWhat tools do I need for quilting? Some basic supplies you’ll want are a trusty cutting mat, a rotary cutter, straight and safety pins, a set of quilting rulers, thread, fabric and needles or a sewing machine. You’ll also want to take a look at your pattern or project and assess what your specific project needs.


\nHow do you use quilting tools? Start by placing your cutting mat on a flat, sturdy surface. If you can stand, find a standing height work table for better control of the cutter. Align your fabric along the ruler for accurate cuts. If you choose to cut your own fabric, take care not to cut through too many layers. Rotary cutters work very similarly to a pizza cutter so simply roll it along the line you’re trying to cut. Rotary cutters can manage a lot of fabric, but pushing too hard can mean a dangerous slip and a nasty cut so keep an eye out for your hands and fabric. 


Get all the basics with a quilting kit. Don't overload on tools at the beginning. Use what you have and gain consistent skills. Learn to love the layout and piecing process and then once you’re comfortable you can start getting more special tools for your projects. By working with a simple, well-designed kit, you can learn the basic sewing skills you'll need to make many unique designs. Once you're comfortable with piecing together complex designs and sewing, you’ll know you’re ready to start exploring all the possibilities of quilting. Get yourself a kit today and start creating cozy quilts as soon as possible!