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Quilting Rulers

Create designs with precision when you use a quilting ruler. This tool is great for all the classic quilting designs and even some of your ingenious ones as well. They’re standardized to help you create a quilt that has sections of the same size and that nothing will come out skewed after you’re done sewing. Each one comes with helpful grid lines as well to help you position your fabric and ruler as you cut pieces out. Grab yourself a set of rulers and save yourself the guesswork of getting perfect sections of your quilt. 


What quilting rulers do I need? There’s a couple of good basic ones you’ll want to have such as a quilting square ruler and a longer more narrow ruler. Both come in a variety of sizes, so it depends on your project and cutting preferences in regards to which size you’ll need. The squares can help you create the panels of your quilt so they’ll be the same size, they’ll also help cut out strips for your design and they can help you cut out triangles for the design on your quilt. The squares are also helpful if you like to work with fat quarters of fabric. The longer rulers can also help you cut out strips, yards of fabric, and large panels that are rectangular.


How thick are quilting rulers? Our rulers are about 0.13 inches thick and made of durable acrylic that won’t move around too much as you use them. They’re thick enough so that as you use a rotary cutter or scissors, you won’t feel like you’ll be able to cut the ruler or cut through it.


How to use quilting rulers properly? You’ll want to make sure you lay your ruler on your piece and place your hand firmly onto the ruler as you cut. Always make sure your ruler hasn’t slid or shifted on the fabric as you cut, otherwise you’ll have a skewed piece. Each ruler is marked with grid lines and measurement notches that show you where each measurement starts. In general, the lines will typically be about 1 inch apart. 


It’s always a good idea to keep your acrylic rulers for quilting nearby as you sew together your masterpiece. As you cut out design pieces or sew together design pieces, you’ll be able to double-check that everything will be able to sit together nicely once you sew everything together. You’ll be able to make sure you cut out the right-sized pieces for your quilt without wasting fabric. Add a set of these rulers to your collection and create dazzling quilts with accuracy.