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Quilting Square Rulers

Quilting square rulers are an indispensable tool for crafting with fabrics, as well as surprisingly helpful tools Arteza offers for when artists are prepping to start a painting.  Novice painters, in particular, should consider using a quilting ruler because—in addition to the obvious task of tracing straight lines, these useful tools will assist any budding artist to establish a landscape’s horizon or create a vanishing point with a work of art. 


What is a quilting ruler? Commonly known as ‘square up rulers for quilting, these rulers are made from a square-shaped piece of clear, heavy-gauge acrylic with a numerical grid printed on both sides of the tool. People who make quilts use them in conjunction with a rotary cutter and self-healing rotary cutting mat to save time and ensure both precision and consistency as they cut squares and other shapes sewn together into quilt tops.


As shared, acrylic quilter’s rulers can be equally useful to painters who are starting with a blank canvas. The grid is marked with one-inch squares and smaller fractions of an inch; diagonal lines are printed so you can identify 30 degrees, 45 degrees, etc. Whether you are working on paper, canvas, wood, or fabric, simply place the ruler on top of the surface and use the grid to begin sketching the artwork.  While quilting square rulers are a wonderful way to keep items to scale, they are particularly helpful for painting sceneries and backgrounds.


How do you use a square ruler for quilting? There are many techniques artists can apply when using quilting rulers. In general, a 6.5 x 24” ruler is ideal, as it’s easier to cut the yardage because it has a similar length to how fabric is received on the roll.


First, you must familiarize yourself with the ruler’s layout for cutting properly, as the information is printed on both sides. A patented double-color grid lends clarity to the ruler, enabling quilters to read the numbers whether you're using light or dark fabric. The etched squares should be 1″ each and the tick marks inside the square go as low as 1/8″, helping you to easily cut a straight line.


The ruler’s diagonal lines assist you when cutting different angles for triangles and other shapes. You typically turn the ruler opposing the fabric for cutting corners. You continue by lining up the edge of your diagonal with the side of the material and make your cut. Purchase your quilting square rulers at Arteza and begin quilting today.