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Quilting Supplies

Add some basic quilting supplies to your sewing room and bump your creativity to the next level. There are so many beautiful quilting patterns and with the right tools, you can accurately cut out pieces and create intricate designs. Making sure that all the pieces will be able to fit together perfectly on your quilt is essential and we carry a couple of tools that’ll make that easier for you. For example, rotary cutters allow you to cut quickly and easily and can cut more accurately than you could with scissors. You can even cut multiple layers at a time so you’ll be guaranteed to have multiple of the same shape. A cutting mat is also essential to prevent your fabrics from moving around as you cut and protecting your surface. Conquer the art of quilt making with these essential supplies.


What supplies do I need to start quilting? The self-healing cutting mat and rotary cutter have become the standard for quilters. Next is a ruler kit, which is a collection of different sizes and shapes of rulers. Together these three items will allow anyone to immediately get accurate, clean cuts on their fabric.


Where can I buy quilting supplies? You can find all the essential quilting supplies you need here! We have items for both beginners and more advanced hobbyists so you can get the perfect tool for your project. We have a wide selection of rulers, self-healing mats, rotary cutters and other quilting supplies. We even have bundles of everything you need in one set.


How do I store quilting supplies? Any storage container that’ll prevent moisture, heat, or other assorted elements from reaching your supplies is a good choice. You’ll want one that’s big enough for your rulers and rotary cutters. If you prefer a storage system, you may want a separate box for your fabrics. Try to keep your cutting mat flat because if you roll it up or bend it, it may not be able to become flat again.


Every tool is designed to provide a premium experience so when you use them together to finish a project they’ll allow your creativity to flow into your design. From small project, like a baby quilt or a lap quilt to large projects like a quilted duvet, we have the tools to make the project easy. You’ll be finishing projects so quickly, you’ll feel like a fountain of inspiration and you’ll just want to keep moving on to the next project. Grab your essential quilting supplies today and make your own cozy quilt.


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