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Replacement Blades

Cut tough fabrics easily with our professional-grade rotary cutter blades. Our rotary cutter replacement blades are designed to fit most rotary cutters on the market, for your convenience; although, they work best with Arteza’s Rotary Cutters. Additionally, our #11 Hobby Blades 120-Pack make a wonderful addition to any crafter, quilter, DIYer, or artist’s collection. Slice through tough fabrics effortlessly with our rotary cutter replacement blades. 


What size rotary blaes does Arteza carry?

28mm—Rotary Cutter Blades, 28mm, Pack of 12

45mm—Rotary Cutter Blades, 45mm, Pack of 6

Rotary Cutter Blades, 45mm, Pack of 12

60mm—Rotary Cutter Blades, 60mm, Pack of 12


What quality rotary replacement cutter blades does Arteza carry? Our replacement blades are considered professional-grade and deliver outstanding results every time. Each of our rotary blades is made from SKS-7 tungsten Japanese steel, making them ideal for cutting through any tough crafting materials. We’ve even included a protective and portable case that keeps your blades lubricated as you travel. 


What brands are Arteza’s rotary cutter blades compatible with? Our versatile rotary blades work well with most brands on the market, including Olfa® & Fiskars®. 


Slice through your fabrics and tough materials effortlessly with our premium rotary cutter blades. 

Our rotary cutter blades cut through paper, fabric, vinyl, felt, and tough materials like carpet, thick foam, batting, leather, and nylon, making them ideal for crafters, artists, quilters, and DIYers. Upgrade to any of our rotary cutter blade sets to slice through fabrics and tough materials like a professional!