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Rotary Cutters & Replacement Blades

Cut your fabrics and papers easily with a rotary cutter and blades. Every artist, quilter or crafter needs a rotary cutter in their toolkit. The circular blade easily glides across whatever kind of fabric or paper you need so you’ll get a precise and perfect cut every time. Given how versatile and useful this nifty little tool is, it's no secret that it's a must-have in any crafter's collection. Get yourself a rotary cutter today and save time prepping for your projects. 


How do I adjust a rotary cutter? With the safety of the rotary cutter on, unscrew the bolt and small disk on one side. Set these aside and turn it over. Remove the front cover and the blade, setting them aside. Place a new blade on the front cover and reassemble it. Turn the bolt to begin tightening and stop when you feel some resistance.


How do I use a rotary cutter and mat? Place the fabric or paper flat against the mat. You can use the grid side of the mat to measure it if need be. An acrylic quilter’s ruler can be used as a straight edge. Holding the rotary cutter by the handle, apply firm, consistent pressure as you glide across the fabric away from your body. Never move the blade towards you while cutting. Once your cut is complete, close and lock the blade before putting the cutter away.


How long does a rotary cutter blade last? Rotary cutter blades can last anywhere from a few months to a year. Depending on how often you use your blade or what materials you cut, this will determine how long the blade will stay sharp. Once the blade starts skipping, takes a lot of force to cut or you need or need to go over the same area several times, it's time to replace the blade.


Getting the best rotary cutter possible for your next quilting project. Rotary cutters allow you to keep cutting without changing direction and lock the blade away so no one gets hurt. The 45 mm rotary cutter blades are large enough to cut multiple layers, thick fabric, and more. You can use these together with your favorite quilting rulers so you’ll be ready to prep for your next project quickly. Get yourself a quilting rotary cutter and some extra blades so you’ll be ready to create anything.