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Transfer Paper

Transfer paper is the ultimate time-saving tool for artists. It gives us the ability to quickly and accurately transfer sketches and other images to a desired surface while cutting out the extra step of having to redraw them by hand. This is great for laying down initial sketches before starting to create with your favorite media. This way you can transfer your exact sketch and recreate your piece without having to do everything over again. If you're an artist who enjoys t-shirt making or painting, or you just want to create custom accessories such as water bottles or mugs, then these types of papers are a handy tool to have in your repertoire.


What is it used for? It’s typically used for transferring images onto other surfaces. It was traditionally used before photocopying became prevalent. You’ll draw onto the top sheet which will push the carbon or graphite sheet onto the surface you’re trying to transfer the design to. Then when you lift everything off, it’ll be an exact copy of what you traced.


Will it wash off? Yes! It’s just a dark carbon so it should be able to be removed from surfaces, clothing, and yourself.


Are there different types? There are different types of papers, all used for different purposes. Graphite transfer paper is similar to carbon transfer paper. Instead of depositing carbon when you trace, it deposits graphite and will be erasable just like a pencil.


There are many types of transfer papers that can be used for a variety of projects. Get the exact image you need on a new surface without needing to worry about having to recreate your sketch all over again. Whether you're looking to transfer your homemade sketch to be painted or colored, or you have a pre-drawn image or logo you want to see on shirts or accessories, transfer papers will be the easiest way to achieve a beautiful and long-lasting outcome. Grab a pack today and start creating!