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Vinyl Crafting

Customize your world with craft vinyl. Get your craft blades, weeding tools and cutting machines out because with these colorful sheets you’ll be able to create just about any design you can imagine. You can choose from self-adhesive vinyl and heat transfer vinyl to use for your creations. Self-adhesive vinyl can be used to create custom decals, stickers and so much more! One side is a durable vinyl and it’s backed with a strong adhesive so you can stick it to most smooth surfaces. Heat transfer vinyl is a bit different because its adhesive backing is activated by heat. This makes it a great medium to use to decorate clothing, shoes and other fabric surfaces. You can simply draw your favorite design then use a craft knife or cutting machine to cut it from the vinyl. Both types of vinyl come in a variety of fun colors and effects so you’ll have tons of choices for customization. Grab your favorite set today and start crafting with vinyl.


What is vinyl used for crafts? Vinyl can be used to create specific bold shapes or customizing your belongings. Since it can be easily cut and applied to most smooth surfaces, it’s great for helping you create unique designs in your crafts. It can be used along with other media like felt or paper or it can be used on its own.


What all can you put vinyl on? Depending on the type of vinyl you can apply it to either smooth surfaces or fabric. Self-adhesive vinyl works best on smooth surfaces that are cleaned and dust-free. Heat transfer vinyl is best used on fabric because the adhesive is activated with the heat from a heat press or iron. 


What is transfer paper used for? Transfer paper helps you move your design from the full sheet of vinyl onto the surface you’re applying it to. Instead of having to lift the design from the vinyl and carefully move it onto the surface, the transfer paper will pick up the entire design at once. Transfer paper is also often clear and with a grid so you’ll be able to see where you’re applying your design before you officially stick it on. 


All you need is a craft knife and a self-healing cutting mat to start designing your own decals for shirts, water bottles, laptops and more. You can also program your favorite cutting machine to cut intricate designs from the vinyl as well. This is a super versatile medium that allows you to create anything you can imagine. Almost any image can be cut from vinyl and applied to so many different surfaces. Anything you can draw on paper, you can turn into a vinyl decal to use in a craft project, as a sticker or as a t-shirt design. Cut designs of your favorite cartoon characters or cut out your name in fancy lettering. Show the world that something belongs to your with an awesome customized item using vinyl. Get yourself a set today and start designing!