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Wet Erase Markers

Wet erase markers are ideal when you require a marker that isn’t permanent, but lasts longer than typical dry erase markers. These markers are semi-permanent. They are not able to be erased until you use a wet cloth or paper towel to wipe away the ink. Trying to erase the writing of a wet erase marker with the swipe of a hand or eraser won’t work like it does with dry erase markers. So, they’re perfect in settings where the surface you’re writing on can be easily touched or brushed up against. Furthermore, they are not toxic, making them ideal for use by children. 


What is a wet erase marker? The useful markers have water-soluble dyes that are designated for use on non-porous laminated, film and glass surfaces. These markers make it easier to keep information clearly visible in schools, offices or your own kitchen without risking accidental erasing. Available in many vibrant colors to suit your needs, these markers are truly versatile. Choose sets with assorted colors to add variation to your writing and keep information coordinated.


What surfaces do wet erase markers work on? These markers can be used on dry erase boards, film/transparencies, glass and other non-porous laminated surfaces. Plus, wet erase markers for blackboards are also readily sold. It is important to note that wet erase markers endure on the surface much longer than dry erase markers and need to use a wet wipe in order to remove the content from the board instead of the dry eraser.


Do wet erase markers smudge? Wet erase markers will not smudge, due to its paste-based ink. For this reason, they are heavily relied upon by restaurants when displaying their menus. They are offered in a plethora of colors, including bright neon colors to stand out against the black background, perfect for catching the eye of prospective patrons walking by the storefront.