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Gouache Paint Starter Bundle, Fuel Your Creativity


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  • Exclusive Bundle - Limited edition bundle that includes a special thank you packet with an artist print and other swag 
  • Gouache Bundle - This all-inclusive gouache paint set includes 12 gouache paint tubes, 5 paint brushes, a gouache paper pad, a plastic palette, a color mixing wheel, and a storage case
  • 12 Vivid Colors - Includes 12 vibrant shades, including primary colors, so you can mix nearly any color imaginable 
  • 5 Paint Brushes - Set comes with a versatile assortment: flat #6, flat #11, round #4, rigger #0, and cat’s tongue #8 paint brush
  • Premium Paper Pad - Includes an 8” x 10” gouache paper pad for you to fill with paintings
  • Non-Toxic Paints - Our AP-certified gouache paints are certified non-toxic and safe

Bundle Includes:

  • 12 Gouache Paint Tubes (12 mL each; 144 mL total)
  • Gouache Paper Pad (8" x 10")
  • Plastic Palette (with 10 wells)
  • Color Mixing Wheel
  • Storage Case 
  • Flat #6 Paint Brush
  • Flat #11 Paint Brush
  • Round #4 Paint Brush
  • Rigger #0 Paint Brush
  • Cat’s Tongue #8 Paint Brush
  • Additional Swag Bundle, including an artist print


Discover the beautiful paintings you can create with this Kyria Smith Gouache Paint Starter Bundle. Gouache paints offer artists the best of both worlds since they can be used on their own to create opaque coverage, or they can be diluted with water to create watercolor effects and washes. Each tube of our gouache paint is pigment-packed, and a little goes a long way to ensure these paints last you.

This Kyria Smith Gouache Paint Starter Bundle also comes complete with five acrylic paint brushes, a gouache paper pad, a plastic palette, swag, and a color mixing wheel. Additionally, these tools are housed in a durable and convenient wood storage case. Whether you're creating on the go or in the comfort of your home, this wood storage case organizes and protects your supplies.

Elevate your craft with this versatile Gouache Paint Starter Bundle. Artist Kyria Smith has picked the perfect introductory set to gouache paint for anyone who is looking to experience this versatile medium. Set yourself up for creative success by grabbing this exclusive Gouache Paint Starter Set today!