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Art Supplies for Professionals

Producing art supplies for professionals is a duty we at Arteza take seriously. Why? Because most artists will agree that the tools they use impact the quality of their work. Having high-quality art supplies makes a clear difference in the art that is produced. Painters have to adopt a different art style if they are working with brushes with coarse bristles that are falling off the handle. It is much harder to create great art when the artist is worried about their supplies malfunctioning at any moment. The problem is finding the right professional art supplies with affordable prices that don’t sacrifice quality. Let’s take a look at three common questions artists ask on their hunt for the best art supplies for professionals.


What supplies do I need to start painting? To start painting, there are three supplies that most painting artists will need. These items include a paintbrush, a canvas and paint. While it is possible to experiment with each of these items, like using a toothbrush for a paintbrush, professionals prefer high quality art supplies. These tools are foundational for any painter’s career. It’s often best to get a set of different brushes, a variety of canvas sizes and a mix of paint colors and types.


What do professional artists use to draw? One of the most overlooked art supplies is the pencil. Most art begins with sketching out the general idea in a fit of inspiration. Every artist needs a set of quality pencils that they can use whenever a great idea strikes them. Similarly, artists should stock up on sketch paper and drawing paper to develop their concepts prior to putting them to canvas. 


The world of art supplies can feel incredibly overwhelming. Everywhere you turn, there is a different palette of colors or a new item to try out. Because of this, every artist needs one area to dedicate their focus towards. While experimenting with different styles and mediums is crucial, it is vital to get the supplies that reflect your art style the best. No matter what you buy, remember that every artist also needs high-quality art supplies they can use for a long time.


Find an array of the best art supplies for professionals at Arteza today! Whether you’re buying supplies as a gift or for personal use, you’ll find the best deals at Arteza.