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Artwork Presentation & Display Supplies

Show off your artwork with pride using presentation and display supplies. A high-quality picture frame adds depth, character, and a sense of professionalism to your work. A frame also makes your work suitable for display in a wide range of places, from homes and offices to stores and restaurants. Whether you’re getting ready for a gallery showing or inviting visitors into your studio, a good set of easels is the perfect way to display your pieces. Also, a an artist, easels help you create at the proper angle so your artwork won’t get distorted. As soon as you’re finished painting, you can simply step back and enjoy your masterpiece. If you're ready to share your masterpiece with the world, browse our wide range of frames and find the perfect one for your work. 


What is a DIY frame? They’re a convenient way to create and display your artwork instantly! You simply create directly onto the pad and then you can easily tear the tabs off the page and follow the folding guidelines to create a   


Where can I buy picture frames online? You can find a full range of sleek, elegant frames that are the perfect size for displaying artwork, photography, and professional documents right here at Arteza! Our frames are made from real wood and come with sheets of clear glass to protect your pieces. Most of our frames come in a neutral black tone that showcases your work without overpowering it. They also come in a variety of sizes, so you can display everything from photographic prints to small postcards.


What sizes are document frames? A document frame is typically 8.5 x 11, although you can find various sizes. It’s always a good idea to make sure you measure your document to ensure you're getting the right frame.


Displaying your artwork might seem like a simple task--just get a display easel or a wooden frame and you're ready to go, right? But in fact, the way your art is displayed can have just as much impact on the audience as the art itself. Imagine displaying a simple photograph with a bold, gaudy frame, or tacking a painting on the wall of a restaurant without adding any glass to protect it. You've invested years into perfecting your craft. Now, it's time to invest in the right display supplies so you can share your talents with the world. Get the perfect frame for your artwork and display it with pride!