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Canvas Panels

Supply yourself with plenty of canvases you can use any and everywhere with our canvas panel packs! Like stretched canvases, our canvas panels provide artists and painters with pre-primed surfaces ideal for a wide range of wet and dry media. Since our canvas panels are primed with three coats of acrylic gesso, you can confidently work with acrylics, gouache paints, oil paints, paint markers, and craft supplies. Canvas panels provide creatives of all ages and skill sets with a lightweight and super portable alternative to stretched canvases. Create vibrant paintings and mixed media masterpieces nearly anywhere you feel inspired with our pre-primed, acid-free, 100% cotton canvas panels! 



How can I become a stronger painter? One way to strengthen your artistic abilities is to commit to creating a painting on a regular basis; preferably daily or weekly. Use our bulk canvas panel sets to supply yourself with all the canvas surfaces you’ll need to take on this artistic exercise. Canvas panels are ideal for creating daily or weekly paintings since you can take them anywhere (thanks to their portable nature), and they’re cost-efficient. Whether you’re an art student or professional artist, we invite you to commit to creating on a more frequent basis with our Canvas Panels



What are the benefits to working with canvas panels? Since canvas panels are typically more affordable than traditional stretched canvases, you’re providing yourself with more canvases when you choose to invest in a set or pack of our canvas panels. Additionally, our canvas panels can be displayed on their own if you lean them against a wall or piece of furniture (like a book shelf, dresser, or desktop). Canvas panels can also be used as the equivalent of sketch paper for practicing your painting's composition before moving to a larger stretched canvas. Canvas panels are optimal for practicing painting techniques and designs before committing to larger-scale canvases.



Try something new with our Black Canvas Panels! If you’re up for the creative challenge we invite you to try something new creatively by adding a set of our Classic Black Canvas Panels to your collection. Regardless of your artistic background or experience working with canvas panels, switching to a black canvas is guaranteed to have you thinking outside of the box! Metallic, pastel, and neon colors truly pop against the background of our Classic Black Canvas Panels; see for yourself by ordering our Classic Black Canvas Panels Pack of 14 (available in 5 in x 7 in, 8 in x 10 in, 9 in x 12 in, or 11 in x 14 in). 



Invest in your craft by securing all the canvas panels you’ll need! 


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