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College Student School Supplies

Arteza provides the college art school student the best art supplies, so they can be prepared for the activities in their curriculum. Unfortunately, not everyone knows what to get or what may be required. That’s why we’ve provided an example of the school supplies for college students that may likely be needed and some of the best school supplies for college students.


What school supplies do you need for college art school? One of the most useful supplies you will need is writing utensils. Pens, pencils, you name it, you will probably need it. To accompany those utensils, a hardy sketchbook would be in order.  After addressing the basics, you’ll want to address: 

  • Medium: think about the main ingredient in your artwork, like acrylic and watercolor paints, primarily, then charcoals, markers, etc.
  • Surface: this is what you apply your medium to. Some of the most popular surfaces are sketchbooks, stretched canvas and canvas pads.
  • Tools: the items that will enable you to create vary from brushes and easels to blending tools and rulers.  

For example, you can create amazing acrylic paintings with Arteza’s premium Acrylic Markers. Acrylic paint markers features small barrel markers with plastic nibs, perfect for adding detail to your paintings. Each extra-fine acrylic paint marker features water-based paint that is low-odor, UV-resistant, acid-free and quick-drying. The quick-drying nature of our acrylic markers makes them perfect for creating on the go or for artists that work fast. Since our paint markers are acid-free, low-odor and AP-certified non-toxic, they are ideal for artists of all ages. Acrylic art markers make a fantastic introduction to painting since they are easier to control than paintbrushes. 


As for surfaces, a good example is our canvases which come pre-primed with three coats of cruelty-free, acid-free, titanium acrylic gesso. We have carefully coated canvas panels to save you the time, money and energy!  Acrylic paints sit beautifully on our perfectly textured canvas panels. Each canvas panel is smooth to the eye, yet features enough grain for your paints to adhere to effortlessly. 


Next, we have detail paint brushes for medium to small scale painting. These premium brushes made with white taklon hairs and nickel-plated copper ferrules, come in a pack of 15. Each brush is individually labeled which  includes: liner, round, and spot brushes in 4/0, 3/0, 2/0, 0, and 1 sizes.


The above is a small sample size of a few of the items that will serve you well in college as an art student. More importantly, your professor will provide you with a more detailed list that will guide you more specifically and more cost effectively. Last but not least, you will want to bring a positive attitude to both the academic and social worlds that art college will present.