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Color Markers

Both novices and professionals alike enjoy using color markers to draw, color, and design arts, crafts and signage. Create brightly colored manga characters, realistic portraits, interesting illustrations, wild caricatures, and so much more. Color markers come in a wide variety of colors, substances and shapes; some are ink based that are erasable or permanent, others are paint based - all coming in a wide spectrum of colors. You have Outfit your office space, classroom or arts studio with the color marker that best suits your needs.


Erasable markers require a special surface that is coated to ensure the ink in the marker can be wiped away without cleaners or scrubbing. These markers are also specially crafted to be erased with ease. It is important to make sure your surface is made for use with erasable markers before writing on it.


Permanent markers are just as they sound - permanent. Once you write on a surface with a permanent marker, you are stuck with the ink on that surface. Dry erase markers allow you to erase easily and are great for clearing and reusing surfaces.


What are the best markers for coloring? It truly depends on what you plan to color; color markers for artists will differ from the best dry erase markers for your office executive. To name a few for the artist we can begin with Arteza’s Real Brush Pens offer the artist exceptional watercolor techniques, without the mess or hassle. The water-based ink in each pen allows you to create paintbrush or watercolor effects. 


Everblend Markers… The triangle-shape of the barrel allows you to create in comfort and prevents the markers from rolling around while you work. The alcohol-based ink delivers bold, highly-pigmented color that is permanent once applied and perfect for blending. Each dual-sided marker includes a wide chisel tip for coloring in large areas and a fine tip for details. These tips are also replaceable, so once you’re ready to change them, simply use tweezers to switch them out.


Arteza Sketch TwiMarkers, with dual tips, is the perfect addition to any home, classroom, art studio, or dorm room. These dual-tipped and colorful TwiMarkers make tiny details come alive with their 0.4mm fine tip, or flip the marker over to create thicker lines with border brush tips. With 100 unique and fun colors you can discover endless color combinations with blendable, water-based, ink. The low-odor ink is AP Certified nontoxic and suitable for creators of all levels. 


What is the best thing to color with? The ideal marker to color with is the color marker set that delivers the ink or paint and coverage that best suites your needs. This may be a dry erase marker for a whiteboard, fine tip markers for detailed drawings, or Real Brush Pens for watercolor artworks, etc. Upon envisioning the image you intend to produce, research the market for the color market that will deliver the specs you need.