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Craft & Hobby Sets

Craft with complete creative freedom with any of our arts and craft supplies sets. Arts and craft projects are perfect for a rainy day activity or exploring a new medium. Additionally, you can stock up on all of your must-have craft supplies for your go-to medium with any of our craft sets. Some of our best-ranked (by customers) craft sets include our Pottery and Clay Sculpting Tools Set of 42, Polymer Clay Set of 42 Colors + Tools & Accessories, Pottery and Clay Sculpting Tools Set of 22, and our Quilting Kit with 18” x 24” Cutting Mat


Which Pottery and Clay set is right for me? If you’re choosing between our Pottery and Clay Sculpting Tools Set of 42 and our Pottery and Clay Sculpting Tools Set of 22, an important questions to ask yourself is:


Will this be my first pottery and clay set? 

  • If so, our set of 42 is the best choice for you. Our Pottery and Clay Sculpting Tools Set of 42 includes every sculpting tool you could possibly need to create. This professional-grade set features hard to find tools as well as all of the must-have basics. 
  • If you already have all of your basics covered, and are looking to expand on your collection of sculpting tools, our Pottery and Clay Sculpting Tools Set of 22 is the right choice for you. This set includes harder to find tools, including double-sided sculpting tools, also making this set perfect for anyone constantly on the go. 
  • If you’re unsure of which pottery and clay set is right for you, treat yourself to both! You deserve top-shelf quality sculpting tools for your future clay creations!


Do I have to be a quilter to invest in Quilting Kits? While our Quilting Kits are optimal for quilters, they’re also ideal for crafters, artists, and DIYers. Each of our Quilting Kits includes: (a) a rotary cutter—to hold your rotary blades, (b) rotary blades—to make cutting thick fabrics a breeze, (c) a transparent acrylic ruler—to make measuring easier, and (d) a self-healing cutting mat—providing crafters a sturdy and reliable surface to create and cut on. Regardless of your creative background or discipline, you’re sure to make excellent use of our Quilting Kits. 

Create countless arts and craft projects with the art supplies included in our craft sets. If you’re in need of inspiration, be sure to check out our YouTube channel, where we frequently post videos meant to educate and inspire artists of all skill sets!