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30 Sheets (Multiple Packs Available)


Bound Hardcover, Gray, 9" x 12”, 100 Sheets


Pack of 3


White & Black Design


80 Pages


Set of 2 Lined & Bullet Journals


13” x 17”


50 Sheets


Fuel Your Creativity


Fuel Your Creativity


Drawing & Sketch Pads

Get creative with a drawing paper pad. After finishing a sheet, you can tear it off and start drawing on the next sheet. The paper is designed to be strong even if you have to make multiple revisions to your sketch. Each page has a slight textured that holds on to your dry media well. You’ll be able to find paper pads in a variety of sizes. You can find large drawing pads for big sketches and small ones for travelling. Experimenting with different types of paper is a fun way to find the best types for your drawings. Grab a drawing pad today and start practicing your sketching skills.


What is a sketch pad used for? A drawing sketch pad is used for drawing sketches or quick and simple drawings. Many people use them to sketch ideas for projects they will complete in other media. For example, a painter might make several sketches of a subject before starting the actual painting. Artists also use sketch pads to make quick visual notes of things they see, whether it’s things in nature or a street scene. Since a sketch pad is an easy way to carry multiple sheets of drawing paper, it’s useful when you want to draw on the go. You can also use a sketch pad to practice drawing techniques such as perspective, shading, or freehand drawing.


What is the difference between drawing and sketching paper? Drawing paper is meant for finished art projects in dry media such as pencils or charcoal. Sketching paper is meant for practice and preliminary sketches. Drawing paper is heavier, which means it can take more erasing and more intensive detail work. Usually, it’s also more textured so it can absorb more of the media. This allows you to create deeper dark tones and have a richer variety of shades in the picture. Shading techniques often produce different results on sketching paper and drawing paper. Some artists prefer using sketch paper, because the smoother surface is better for their styles.


What kind of paper is best for drawing? The best paper is acid-free paper suitable for your medium and style. The paper should be acid-free because acid makes paper yellow and brittle over time. It should also be heavy enough not to bend or wrinkle easily. If you do intensive detail work or erase a lot, use a paper that is sturdy enough that it is not damaged easily. The best paper texture depends on your medium, style, and personal preference. Generally, artists who use pencils or colored pencils prefer smoother papers, while those who use charcoal or pastels prefer more texture.


Grab your favorite sketching tool and a drawing pad and get inspired. Work on full masterpieces in graphite or test out a concept for a piece using colored pencils. Drawing pads are a great way to keep all your brilliant ideas in one place and keep fresh paper around at all times. You never know when inspiration might strike so it’s always a good idea to keep a sketch pad nearby. Store one in your bag or keep one on your desk so you can start creating as soon as a great idea hits you. Grab a drawing pad today and see what your amazing imagination will encourage you to draw.


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