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Gouache Supplies

Get the best of watercolors and acrylics with gouache art supplies. These creamy, matte paints can be applied dry for opaque coverage or you can add water and achieve a more transparent look. You can apply so many different techniques and experiment with a variety of styles to create your masterpieces. Many illustrators and watercolorists enjoy adding a touch of gouache paint to their artwork for a different flair in their pieces. From gouache paint sets filled with a variety of colors to high-quality paper with the perfect texture for gouache, you’ll find everything you need to get started. Grab the supplies you need and start creating beautiful gouache art today. 


What do you need to start painting with gouache? It’s always best to start with high-quality paper, a good set of paints, a palette, a water cup, and fluffy natural brushes. Once you have these basic supplies, you’ll be able to create almost anything! 


What is the difference between gouache and watercolor paint? Gouache is more opaque and matte whereas watercolors are more transparent. While you can add water to gouache to get a transparent look, it’ll still have a slightly milky texture when compared to watercolor paints.   


What brushes to use with gouache? Since gouache can be very similar to watercolor paints, you’ll want to use fluffy natural brushes to apply the paint with water. If you’re planning to apply the paints dry, you may want to keep a couple synthetic brushes nearby as well. 


Starting a new medium can be intimidating, but we’ve put together everything you’ll need in one place so you won’t need to hunt for supplies. Gouache is such a versatile medium that it’s no wonder so many artists around the world love using this medium. From layering opaque layers of gouache together to creating washes of color on your page, you’ll find there are so many different ways you can apply this paint. Whether you’re just starting with this medium or are very experienced using this type of paint, you’ll appreciate the pigmented and blendable nature of our creamy gouache paints. Add the supplies you need to paint to your collection today and start creating!