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A pencil is one of the first supplies that most people begin to make art with. Start your next masterpiece with a quality pencil. Watercolor, woodless, drawing, and mechanical pencils are just some of the options to choose from. Use them for everything from laying down initial sketches to creating fully realized compositions. You can also use them to help you mark sewing projects or sketch where you’ll need to cut on a woodworking piece. No artist’s collection is complete without a good set of pencils, so grab the tools you need today!


What are different pencils used for? Most pencils in general are used for drawing or sketching. There are some pencils that are designed specifically for drawing purposes which come in different hardnesses to allow for more advanced shading. You can also find colored pencils and watercolor pencils for coloring in whatever art piece you may be creating. Watercolor pencils are also unique because they can be used wet or dry for different coloring effects.


What are pastels used for? Pastels are used almost exclusively for coloring. They're often used as an alternative to oil paints. Pastels work well for creating a textured look in a piece of art. You’ll be able to work with them similarly to the way you’d use crayons or colored pencils. Some of the most common techniques artists use when working with pastels include shading, highlighting, feathering, masking, and blending.


Which is the best pencil? There is no single best pencil. Having a varied collection allows you to create the best art possible. The more you have, the more texture and color variation can be worked with. This allows you to create a piece of art according to your creative vision without having to modify it based on the pencil you have on hand. Through working with different varieties, you may come to have a favorite pencil but every artist's favorite pencil is as unique to them as their art style.


Whether you create your next piece with pencil or pastels, they're both important tools to keep on hand. It's easy to go through them quickly so there's no such thing as having too many. A pencil is the most basic tool for an artist and therefore the most essential. It's the most important tool to get started sketching and make a vision come to life. The varieties may even allow for the majority of a piece or even an entire piece of art to be created by pencil. Get a top-quality Arteza pencil or pastel set to add to your collection of professional art supplies.


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