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Real Brush Pen Sets

Create with a wide spectrum of colors with a Real Brush Pen set. If you're looking for a way to capture the rich, fluid artistry of watercolors without the mess, watercolor brush pens offer you control without sacrificing technique. With a set of watercolor pens, you can blend, paint, draw, and sketch just like you would with real watercolors. The nylon brush tip allows you to create thin, sharp lines as well as smooth, bold strokes that can be blended with a bit of water. Our sets come in a variety of sizes ranging from 12 to 96 pens. This gives you plenty of options depending on how many colors you’d like to add to your collection. Each set comes with a water brush pen so you can neatly blend colors together without getting water all over the place. No more messes, spills, and splatters: with a watercolor pen set, you can make your art exactly how you envisioned it. Grab a set today and bring your wildest ideas to life. 


What are the best brush pens for beginners? Any of our sets of Real Brush Pens are good to start with! They all feature the same sleek shaped pens with nylon brush tips that allow you to use a painterly touch as you create. The biggest difference between the sets will be the number of colors to choose from!


How do I prevent my brush pens from fraying? One of the simplest ways to form the bristles back to a point is to lightly pinch the bristles with your fingertips. If your Real Brush Pens are still continuing to fray, try using lighter strokes to put less pressure on the pen. If you press down too much, the hairs will split and fray. Your paper might also be too rough, so try experimenting with smoother papers.


Do brush pens bleed? If you're using the right paper, brush pens typically do not bleed. Make sure you're investing in Arteza's high-quality watercolor paper to minimize bleedthrough. If you're still having trouble, place a protective sheet or piece of cardboard beneath your paper.


Paintbrush markers offer all the fun of watercolor paints without all the mess and clean-up. You can experiment with different techniques that aren't possible with paintbrushes, and when you're done, simply replace the cap and you're good to go. Unlike watercolor paints, which are sticky and messy and require a whole set-up, a good set of brush pens can be taken anywhere. You can work in your projects on the bus, in the park, at home, at the coffee shop, or in a restaurant--wherever the inspiration strikes you. Each set comes with a whole spectrum of vivid colors that are made with only the finest pigments. With the right paper, you'll be blending and layering colors like an expert. Invest in a set of Arteza brush pens and see how you can take your pieces to another level.