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Shaped Canvas

Transform your typical artwork simply by switching up the canvas you create on! Shaped canvases are great for exploring your creativity or trying something new. You'll be amazed at how creating on a unique shaped canvas changes your typical artwork's composition. Imagine you're painting a sunset, then imagine how it would look upon an inverted triangle or a hexagon. Maybe these premium shaped canvases will even inspire you to try new techniques! Additionally, if you're feeling stuck in a creative rut, changing the shape of the canvas is the perfect way to see your style differently. 

What shapes do you offer?

Try our Circle or Oval Stretched Canvases for a simple and subtle upgrade. Try our Triangle or Hexagon stretched canvases if you'd like to step outside the box or are a fan of more geometric shapes. Each canvas has different sizes, whether you're looking to create a 6" diameter circle portrait or an eye-catching landscape on a 12" diameter hexagon.

Do you recommend any supplies with these canvases? 

Each canvas is excellent for creating with tempera, oil, acrylic, gouache, pouring paints, and painting markers. You can never go wrong with one (or several) of these amazing products: 


What are some ways I can use these unique shapes?

These sets of shaped stretched canvases are great for anything you put your mind to! All you need is your imagination and medium of choice. In addition to creating stand-alone pieces, try combining all the canvases together! You can paint one subject (similar to a triptych) or paint unique artwork on each canvas. Experiment with spacing each canvas out and spread across a wall or lining up as many edges as possible to make a unique composition. The possibilities are endless!