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Fabric Markers, Assorted Colors - Set of 24

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Arteza Fabric Markers Set of 24 Colors

  • Permanent - The colors are incredibly long-lasting and can be washed in warm water without fading
  • Dual Tip - Each pen features both a fine and a chisel tip so you can make either detailed or broad strokes
  • Vibrant Colors - This unique color set ranges from Bubblegum Pink to Egyptian Blue, Lime Green to Lemon Yellow, with many more vivid colors!
  • Non-Toxic - The ink is water-based, making it safe to use in art for all

Don’t limit your creativity to just paper -- expand your imagination to your clothes, too!

The ink of each marker is permanent, creating long-lasting style that won’t fade. To achieve this, we suggest letting the ink dry for 6 hours before ironing at a temperature of 107 degrees Fahrenheit. The ink is totally washable in warm water, and you won’t have to worry about your hues running onto other clothes. We recommend hanging your clothes to dry to keep your colors looking fresh and bright.

Always have what you need to make the necessary lines with the convenient dual tip marker. Use the fine tip to outline, write, draw, or create detailed lines. Use the broad chisel tip to color in large spaces.

Enjoy highly pigmented color! Hues include Lemon Yellow, Tangerine, Tomato Red, Rosewood, Raspberry, Bubblegum Pink, Lavender, Lilac, Egyptian Blue, Sky Blue, Night Sky Blue, Orchid Purple, Pea Green, Pine Green, Olive Green, Lime Green, Mint Green, Turquoise, Apricot, Chocolate, Coffee, Elephant Gray, Dolphin Gray, and Black.

This ink conforms to the regulations set forth by ASTM D-4236, meaning that it has undergone rigorous testing by a toxicologist and a medical expert to guarantee that there is nothing harmful or injurious. Non-toxic and water-based, these fabric markers are safe for use in art for all. Grab a set today and keep creating!

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