The Halloween Pumpkin with a Twist: A How-To Guide

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The Halloween Pumpkin with a Twist: A How-To Guide


Now that we’re moving into October, it’s time to start decorating for Halloween. First thing on the list: grab your pumpkins!

To carve or not to carve? That is the question. Carving is an outright slimy mess, with seeds and pumpkin guts flying all over the place. On top of that, your pumpkin will start molding within a matter of days!

ARTEZA® puts a spin on an old classic by choosing Acrylic Paints over the traditional carving. Read on to find out how we created a stylish Halloween pumpkin that will be the envy of all witches in the neighborhood.

You’ll need:

A sponge applicator is used to apply the white base coat to the entirety of the pumpkin.

Step 1: Base Coat - White

No carving necessary! To start off with, you’ll need to use a base color of ARTEZA® Acrylic Premium Artist Paints. We picked white to give our pumpkin a shocking ghost effect. Using a sponge applicator, evenly apply the paint over the whole pumpkin (including the stem) in smooth strokes being sure not to leave any orange showing. Let dry before moving on.

Drawing the design onto the pumpkin with a fineliner pen.

Step 2: Create Design

The devil is in the details! Now you’ll need to draw out your design. Want to put down a cute or ghoulish phrase? Or would you rather leave out words and choose a spooky image instead? You could even be more traditional and design your very own jack-o-lantern face! The possibilities here are endless! Once you know what you’d like to have on your pumpkin, draw it out with a fineliner pen.

Fill the Drawn on Design with Acrylic Paint.

Step 3: Fill in Design with Acrylic Paint

Now for the finishing touches. Fill in the design you created with the fineliner pen using a ghoulish black acrylic paint and an ARTEZA® Detail Paint Brush. This is where your design will truly come to shine. Make sure that you’re painting in all of the white spaces to guarantee a seamless effect on your creation. Let dry when done to avoid smudging.

Our Spooky Finished Painted Pumpkin!

Choosing painting over carving will give your pumpkin design the longevity it deserves. With its long-lasting color, ARTEZA® Premium Acrylic Paints will guarantee that you can have your decoration up for the entire month of October. You can either leave the pumpkin inside or outside; the durable nature of the acrylic paints provides a perfect nature-resistant barrier that gives you versatility in your pumpkin placement. I’d personally suggest placing your masterpiece on your porch. This way you can broadcast to witches everywhere that you’re open to receiving an abundance of magical candy this holiday season. Happy Halloween!

Written by: Richelle Moore; Posted by Kersten Frost

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