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Art Supplies for Beginners

A bevy of good art supplies for beginners are offered at Arteza because we are firm believers that you are never too young, or old, to begin creating art and enjoying its benefits. We provide the best art supplies for beginners to embark upon this rewarding journey. As mediums of art abound, it’s wise to keep your initial financial investment reasonable, while fulfilling a bucket list of the basic supplies of what every artist needs in order to begin exploring this exciting hobby.


What supplies do I need to start painting? Once equipped with a vision, the necessary good art supplies for beginners starts with selecting a quality surface, be it canvas, wood or paper. As this establishes the artwork’s foundation, it’s important that the chosen surface is in accord with your vision, painting style and materials on hand. After your surface is chosen, essential art painting supplies include: paintbrushes, a painter's palette and various paints, such as: acrylic, oil, watercolor or gouache. As painting can sometimes be messy, it is also recommended to have a few cleaning supplies, such as: rags, paper towels and a gentle soap on hand. 


Drawing is a highly popular art form, as the threshold of drawing tools required to get started is low. As with painting, it is recommended that aspiring drawers begin with a quality surface. A sketchbook is highly recommended and is one of the most important tools in a drawer's toolbox. There are a number of drawing pad options available when it comes to sketchbooks, but it is important to consider the size and material that’s most appropriate for you.


For example, a hardcover drawing book is highly recommended as it can better protect your work against drops, spills and everyday wear and tear, whereas a spiral-bound sketchbook is likely more affordable, yet less durable. With a sketchbook in hand, it is time to pick a set of quality, well-made mechanical pencils, watercolor pencils, color pencils or standard wood-cased pencils. All of these pencils may be purchased individually or in sets. Many beginners choose to start with wood-cased pencils that are less expensive and offer a number of graphite grades, featuring harder and softer graphite variations. 


What every artist needs? The supplies cited above are the vital elements of an artist’s creation. At a time when stress levels are high and funds may be limited, it is more important than ever to choose the best art supplies for beginners. Apart from the ability to express yourself creatively, new artists are also able to enjoy the benefits of reducing stress while increasing mindfulness and focus. With these essential supplies in hand, you’ll be well on your way into the phenomenal world of creating art!