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Elementary School Supplies

Expand your young learner’s knowledge with these supplies! Choose from sets of premium brightly colored paints and high-quality sketchbooks that’ll let your little one explore their imaginations. Let them expand their fine motor skills as they doodle and draw on the page. You can even design fun games with a set of dry erase boards and markers. Your little one will love the freedom of being able to create and you’ll be surprised how much you can teach with a little bit of fun involved. 


Practice things like penmanship or introduce your little one to art at an early age. Embrace the unpredictability of your child and see where their creativity will take them. At such a young age, you could be introducing to your child a passion they’ll have for the rest of their lives. You can also have fun with your little one as they create and navigate the wide world of art. From activities like doodling to recreating old masterpieces in their style, you’ll help to open your child’s eyes to a whole new world of knowledge.


These sets and bundles are great choices for whenever your child may need to stay inside or you need a quiet activity they can do. As their love of art grows, we’ll have all the supplies they’ll need to continue through their entire artistic journey. Cut fun designs out of vinyl or make funny faces with sticky notes or face paint. You and your child can create a world of your own with just a few creative tools and your imagination.


The sky is truly the limit when it comes to art and what your child may be thinking. Your little one’s minds are at the most important developmental stage. They’re curious and look forward to learning and we want to help them reach their potential! With fun supplies like scratch paper and glitter, your little one will be ecstatic to start playing around with new ways to create. Enjoy creating and learning with your little one and grab your favorite sets today!