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Single Color (more colors available)


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Single Color (more colors available)


Iridescent Paint

Add a bit of magic to your artwork with iridescent paint. These color-shifting paints bring a new kind of effect and dimension to your artwork, unlike any other paint. You choose from 10 shimmering paint colors in individual bottles or a complete set. Bring a touch of shine to your acrylic painting or create an entire piece filled with iridescence. Each color is high-viscosity and can be used on a wide variety of surfaces like paper, wood, rocks and more. Grab yourself a set today and start making eye-catching artwork!


What is iridescent paint? Iridescent paint is filled with color-shifting pigments that shimmer and change colors as the light hits your piece differently.  


How do you paint with iridescent paint? Simply add some to your palette, grab your favorite paint brushes, and apply it to your painting. You can add it to highlight your paintings or you can create full pieces of artwork using these dazzling paints.


What is the difference between pearlescent and iridescent paint? Pearlescent paints are shiny but only reflect a single color. Iridescent paints will shift in tone as the light hits the color differently.  Additionally, iridescent paints offer wide variety, since they create a far different color on black surfaces compared to white surfaces. The semi-translucent nature of our Iridescent Acrylic Paints leaves a truly marvelous effect on black and dark backgrounds.


Highlight your artwork with a touch of iridescent paint. You’ll be amazed by the new dimensions of shine and color added to your artwork. As you look at your artwork in different lighting, you’ll see how your piece transforms right before your eyes. These versatile paints can be mixed with your favorite paints or used on their own for a fun touch of shimmer. The rich and buildable colors are a great addition to any paint collection. With 10 colors to choose from, you’ll be able to get a full set of colors or just grab the colors you need. Add a set of iridescent acrylics to your collection today!