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Metallic & Glitter

Add a touch of sparkle and shine with glitter or metallic art supplies! Adding eye-catching details can add so much dimension and fun to your artwork or craft projects. You can find sets of chunky and fine glitters in a large variety of colors. You'll also be able to find dazzling metallic paints, gel pens, metallic markers, and even fabric paint. 

What is meant by metallic paint? It refers to paint with a metallic sheen that mimics the appearance of metal. Often, it appears pearlescent, shiny, and glittery. Each paint has an acrylic base, which means they have all the durability and versatility of regular acrylic, but with an added metallic shine.

What surfaces can I paint on? Metallic acrylic paints can be used on multiple surfaces, such as canvas, paper, wood, rocks, and terra cotta. Additionally, explore how painting on a black canvas can transform your artwork.

What other metallic art supplies do you carry? Gel pens and markers are great for hand-lettering, scrapbooking, journaling, or simply adding flair to whatever you're working on. The bright metallic sheen is fun to add and grabs attention more than typical ink colors.  

What is glitter made of? It can actually be made of several different materials. Typically it's made of plastic, but you can find varieties that are made from polyester, foil, and more.

Is glitter hard to remove? Glitter can be a tad messy, but if you properly prepare, you can have a hassle-free creating experience. Cover your work surface with a piece of paper to catch any glitter so that it doesn't touch your workspace. You can even use that same piece of paper to scoop it back into your container. If you already got it onto your surface (or yourself), you can use a lint roller to remove it from your surfaces.

How do you add glitter to fabric? We carry a variety of fabric glitter paints. However, if you want to DIY, you'll want to get any fabric glue or crafting glue that dries clear and is flexible. You can either paint the glue into a design or squeeze it directly from the bottle and then sprinkle the glitter of your choice on top of it. 

Elevate your artwork using glitter or metallic mediums. Regardless if you're a painter, crafter, or writer, you can find a way to use these stunning finishes in whatever you create! Our convenient bottles, containers, and writing tools will ensure you're easily able to use just the right amount of glitter or metallic paint every time. Pick the perfect medium for your next project and start creating your next glimmering masterpiece!