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Real Brush Pen Art Supplies

Transform your drawings into paintings with Real Brush Pen art supplies. These paintbrush markers add a pop of brilliant color to your artwork. Each pen features flexible nylon bristles and a sleek barrel labeled with its color name and number. Whether you’re practicing hand-lettering or teaching yourself to watercolor, these pens are a must-have in your collection. Here you’ll find everything you need to get started with your next Real Brush Pen masterpiece. From large sets of pens in every color imaginable to high-quality watercolor paper, you’ll be able to find exactly what you need to get started. Explore all the supplies you need to create then get started!


What Are Real Brush Pens? These are high-quality pens with flexible nylon brush tips filled with vibrant water-based ink that allows you to go from drawing to painting almost instantly. With the wide selection of colors, you’ll have practically every shade you could need to create a composition. With just a touch of water, your drawing lines will turn into washes of color that you can then apply watercolor techniques to.


How Do You Use a Real Brush Pen? You can use the Real Brush Pens with or without water. Start by choosing the colors you’re like to use and draw whatever comes to mind. Once you’re happy with your drawing or want to soften your lines, grab a refillable brush pen and apply a touch of water to your surface. You can also do this with a damp paintbrush as well. Once you apply water you’ll notice the lines soften. You’ll be able to create washes and use other watercolor techniques right away. 


Are Arteza Brush Pens Refillable? At this time, they are not. However, we do have single color packs that you can use to replenish your collection whenever you run out of your favorite colors. 


Real Brush Pens are some of the most versatile tools you could have in your creative kit of supplies. From sketching to painting, you can create a wide variety of masterpieces with these pens. We have everything you need to get started with your creations. You can find refillable brushes in a variety of sizes and tip shapes and quality paper made to make your creations look their best. You can also choose from different sizes of Real Brush Pens so you can choose a set that fits your comfort level. Grab your favorite set today and start creating!