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Paper Pads

Paper pads come in a variety of forms for all different kinds of artistic interests. Not only can you get a drawing paper pad for traditional paper and pen sketches, but you can try a mixed media pad to let your creativity run wild with markers, colored pencils, watercolors, paints, or anything else that inspires you. If you want to try something even less conventional, you might want to try a black paper sketch pad and use white pens or light colored pencils to create bold images unlike any other. You can even try a pad of scratch paper and experiment with a totally different kind of paper. There are so many possibilities—so get yourself an unconventional pad of paper and let yourself express yourself in all-new ways.


What are paper pads used for? The short answer is, paper pads can be used for just about anything creative. Mixed media paper is great for pencils, pastels, pens, colored pencils, markers, and even watercolors. You can use paper pads for simple sketches where you just let your imagination go, or you can use them to create fully fleshed-out art pieces.


Why is it called scratch paper? Scratch paper is a thick colored paper coated in a layer of black carbon that you scratch off to reveal the color underneath. The revealed material can either be white, a shiny metallic color, or rainbow. Scratched images like this leave a lot of black space, which makes the highlights of your illustration stand out very brightly.


How much is a pad of paper? Different types of paper are priced differently depending on the quality and specialization of the paper. All the pricing for the pads will be listed on the paper pad’s page and you’ll be able to see it in the category.


The diversity of paper pads ensures that you’ll never be at a loss for something new to create. If you’re not in the mood for a pencil or pen sketch, grab some markers or paints and make something beautiful on mixed media paper. If you find white paper uninspiring, get a pad of black paper or a set of scratch art paper and turn the tables on color until you’ve found something that feels right. There perfect paper pad for you is out there—all you have to do is try some, experiment, and create.