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Stretched Canvases

Create your next masterpieces on our pre-primed stretched canvases! Unlike some stretched canvases on the market, Arteza’s are pre-primed with three coats of titanium acrylic gesso each, to provide painters with canvases that are ready to use upon arrival. Save yourself the extra time, cost, and energy associated with priming your own canvases by switching to our stretched canvases. Whether you prefer to create with dry, wet, or mixed media, our well-crafted stretched canvases can do it all! Produce anything from acrylic pour paintings to oil paintings to mixed media masterpieces with our must-have stretched canvases. 



Is stretched canvas really mixed media-friendly? Yes! Create with drawing pencils, acrylic paints, permanent markers, watercolor pencils, crayons, acrylic pouring paints, oil paints, paint markers, pastels, and more on the versatile 100% cotton surfaces featured on our stretched canvases. If you’re a crafter you’ll appreciate the stability our stretched canvases offer when gluing glitter, felt fabric sheets, pom poms, chenille stems, and even photographs or magazines to your mixed media pieces. When working with our stretched canvases, your only limitation is your imagination! 



What are stretched canvases made of? Our stretched canvases are made of 100% cotton canvas stretched over and stapled securely to durable pine wood stretcher bars. The pine wood stretcher bars allow artists to easily hang their finished works of art. Stock up with our 36 in x 48 in Classic Stretched Canvas Pack of 5, 12 in x 12 in Black Stretched Canvas Pack of 8, 16 in x 20 in Premium Stretched Canvas Pack of 6, 11 in x 14 in Premium Stretched Canvas Pack of 8, or any of our other stretched canvas sets. 



Are stretched canvases suitable for artists of all ages? Younger artists are welcome to create with stretched canvas, however we recommend adult supervision. To invite your children to create with paints without having to worry about a thing, invest in our Kids Paper Roll with Wooden Dispenser, Kids Finger Paint Paper Pad, Kids Watercolor Pads, or Foam Board. Children aside, our stretched canvases make a wonderful option for all artists to use to further explore their creative side. If you prefer to work with the very best canvas quality available, invest in our  Premium Stretched Canvases



What are the advantages to working on stretched canvas? When working with Arteza’s stretched canvases artists can easily display their finished works of art; through hanging them up with their pine wood stretcher bars, or leaning them against furniture or a wall. Smaller canvases can easily be placed on a dresser, book shelf, kitchen counter, or small piece of furniture. Large stretched canvases just need a hook or nail to be proudly displayed! Aside from showcasing your work, our stretched canvas provides the ideal tooth for your paints to reside on, making blending your paints a total breeze. 



Create paintings and mixed media pieces on canvases built to last with our dependable stretched canvases! 


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