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Acrylic Painting Supplies

Get ready for your next art project with the best acrylic paint supplies. Acrylic paint is such a forgiving medium and is great for anyone who wants to start painting. These thick paints can easily be layered and can be used to create a texture on your canvas. If you’re just starting to paint or are a pro, we have all the supplies you need to get started. You can choose from a wide variety of surfaces like paper, wood panels, stretched canvases, or canvas panels. But of course, every good painting starts with a great set of paints. You’ll find a variety of acrylic paint sets that come in different quantities and filled with lots of bright colors you can use to create your artwork. Start your acrylic painting journey today and grab the supplies you need.


What supplies do I need to start painting? You’ll always want to start with some basic supplies like a quality set of paint with lots of colors to choose from, good paintbrushes, a cup for water, a palette, and a good surface to paint on. Depending on your style of painting, you can try lots of cool supplies to paint with like palette knives, string, and more.   


What brushes do I need for acrylic painting? You’ll want stiffer synthetic brushes, this way the bristles will be able to push the thick paint on your surface. Even if you’re using craft acrylics, which tend to be thinner than regular acrylics, synthetic brushes are best so that you’ll get a smooth, clean application. 


What do you put on canvas before acrylic painting? If you have an unprepared canvas you’ll want to prep your canvas with a bit of acrylic gesso. This will help your paints apply smoothly, look true to their color, and make the surface ready for the paints to be applied. All of our stretched canvases and canvas panels are already prepped for you with premium gesso so you can start creating right away.  


Create your next masterpiece with acrylic paints. You can blend, layer, and apply them in such a variety of unique methods that you can create unique pieces that show off your artistry. If you happen to make a small mistake, that’s completely okay! Simply cover it up with a little bit of paint and keep going. You can also paint on so many different surfaces like metal, glass, plastic and more. This way you can turn almost anything into an amazing work of art! If you’re a professional painter or someone who enjoys painting during their free time, you’ll be able to find everything you need for your next project here. Shop our collection and grab some supplies for your next creation!